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Education has positive impacts on the individual by improving employment opportunities, self-confidence and self-worth.  Improving individual education improves the economy of the community by filling job vacancies thereby improving the socioeconomic status of the community. Whilst the students may have to leave the area to obtain their higher education many express their desire to return to their community or other regional communities which will in turn benefit from their education and experience.

GLEF is a volunteer organisation supporting local students via study grants to enable them to pursue tertiary studies.  The tertiary studies can be university, TAFE or the equivalent, apprenticeships and traineeships for students 16-25 who are eligible to apply.  All applicants are interviewed to ensure they are in financial need and are committed to their chosen studies. The funds we provide are all invoiced based and can be used for purchase of textbooks, computer equipment, accommodation bonds or other items to assist them with their studies. GLEF also provides support through student portals, networking and personal contact which is extremely important for regional students leaving their home.

“I am lucky enough to be receiving a scholarship from the Great Lakes Education Fund in 2024.
I graduated Great Lakes College Senior Campus as the School Captain in 2019. I then moved to Newcastle and lived on campus while I study a Bachelor of Social Work, both of which I absolutely loved!! I wanted a way to get myself into the sports profession as I have always had a passion for playing and watching sport. This was the catalyst of me started a new degree alongside my current one in Social Work, being a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) at Torrens University online. These are both full time which keeps me very busy but I’m so glad I did it!
It is my dream to work within well-being in elite sport. I have been able to get a small taste of that through an internship I secured with the 17s and 19s pathways as well as the NRLW for the Newcastle Knights. I also have another internship lined up the the Hunter Wildfires, a representative Rugby Union team based in Newcastle, in the beginning of next year. Thankfully, I have a handfull of classes and 660hrs of placement standing between me and graduation from both degrees in November 2024.
GLEFs generous contribution will be invaluable to assist me with covering costs while I am unemployed whilst on placement for around 5.5 months all together. This caused significant financial pressure that took me months to recover from. These funds will help me limit that burden, and allow me to put more of myself into the placement to have the best experience possible.
Thank you again for contributing to such a valuable organisation.”

Message from Brooke 2024 Scholarship recipient

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